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What does Au Pair Amsterdam do?

Au Pair Amsterdam guides and mediates host families in the search for a suitable au pair. In addition, the goal of Au Pair Amsterdam is to help the au pair find a caring family, in which he or she will be treated with respect. We verify that participating families meet standards in order to participate in the Au Pair Program, as the role of the host family is to facilitate a cultural exchange.  


What is an au pair?

An au pair is between 18-26 years old and engages in a cultural exchange program for up to one year. The au pair works as a domestic assistant for a maximum period of one year to learn about Dutch culture and society. An au pair stays with a host family, helps with childcare and performs light domestic duties. Au pairs my work up to 30 hours per week in exchange for room and board, and pocket money. Pocket money is between € 300 - € 340 per month and scheduling is flexible depending on the needs of the family and the abilities of the au pair.


When an au pair is found and clicks with the family, Au Pair Amsterdam ensures proper handling of the practical and social logistics associated with the cultural exchange. Even if a host family finds an au pair on their own, they are still able to use the helpful services offered at Au Pair Amsterdam. Au Pair Amsterdam will help with the paperwork for the host family while providing social support to the au pair for an easy transition into the city and to their new culture and home. 

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