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Who May Apply
General Conditions
  • Do you like and get along with children?

  • Are you able to do light housework?

  • Have you ever lived away from your family? If not, do you think you are ready to live away from your family for an extended period of time?

  • Are you curious about the Dutch culture and language?

  • Can you easily adapt to different and challenging circumstances?

  • Are you outgoing and friendly to most people?

  • Are you in good health?


If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then that is a good start! Please check the formal requirements below for registration as an au pair in The Netherlands.

Formal Requirements

If you wish to be an au pair in The Netherlands, you must meet the following conditions:


  • You have a valid passport

  • You are not married

  • You are over 18 but no older than 25 years of age

  • You must not have a duty of care or be responsible for the actual care of your own family members (children or parents, for instance)

  • You do not constitute a risk to public order

  • If you require an entry visa (MVV), you must be willing to undergo an examination for tuberculosis upon arrival in the Netherlands

  • You must obtain health insurance coverage in the Netherlands (host family will help arrange this)

  • You have not previously stayed in the Netherlands on a residence permit

  • You have not previously stayed illegally in the Netherlands

  • You have not previously worked for the same host family abroad

  • You are familiar and comfortable with children


If you fulfill all of the requirements above, we will do our best to find a host family for you.

Application Process

Do you already have a host family?

We will need to conduct an interview with you and collect required documents for your application. 

Because the process is different for each nationality, Au Pair Amsterdam will inform you about what is required for your application.

Do you need help finding a host family?

If you have not already matched with a host family and would like for Au Pair Amsterdam to help you find a host family, please visit our Registration page to get started with your application.


After we have received your application and conducted an interview with you, we will start the process of matching you with a suitable host family. When we believe we have found a host family for you, we will show your application to them. The family will usually contact you personally to speak to you and see if there is a connection. If the family decides that they would like to host you, we will send you further details and information about the exact documents you'll need to gather.

When to Apply

You should apply at least 4 months before you want to come to the Netherlands. In some cases the matching process may be shorter than this. We always try to place you according to your desired date of arrival but we can never guarantee that we will be able to place you on a specific date. If there are any sudden changes in your plans, for example regarding arrival dates or cancellation of your application, we must be notified immediately.

How long can I be an Au Pair?

The maximum stay is one year. The majority of families prefer to have an au pair for 9 - 12 months.


Where can I live?

Most of our host families are located in Amsterdam or close to Amsterdam, but we also have host families 

situated in other parts of the Netherlands.

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