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Philippines Contract Legalisation

There is an additional procedure for host family and au pairs from the Philippines, only when the au pair travels from the Philippines


Filipino citizens leaving the Philippines as Au Pairs bound for Europe and the United States are required by the Philippines government to register with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). Part of the registration requirements is attendance at the Country Familiarization Seminar (CFS) to prepare the au pairs for immersion program in cultural and language learning in the specific European country of destination. To attend the CFS the au pair must be in possession of an Au Pair – Host Family Contract which is legalised by the Philippines Embassy in Den Haag.


How to legalise the contract: 

1. Host family fills out the Au Pair – Host Family Contract & Appendix Weekly Schedule and Alternative


2. Host family must upload the completed Au Pair – Host Family Contract & Appendix Weekly Schedule and Alternative 


3. Au Pair Amsterdam signs the contract of engagement and sends it to the host family (by airmail)


4. Host family brings this contract, together with the other required documents, to the Philippines Embassy to be signed and legalised. The Embassy will notarise the contract after it’s been signed in front of an official. The contract must be appropriately authenticated/notarised by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the Netherlands.


a. To notarise the contract of engagement: Call for an appointment (between 15.30 and 17.00) with the Philippines Embassy in Den Haag. Inform Au Pair Amsterdam about your appointment. 


Philippines Embassy

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 125, 2585 EZ Den Haag

T: 070-360 48 20

b. Documents Required:

- Two original completely filled out contracts, including  ‘Appendix Weeklyschedule and Alternative’;

- two copies of national identification card or passport along with the original of the signatory from the host family;  

- two copies of passport of the au pair.

c. Required fee: € 22,50 in cash for legalisation services 

d. If you are not able to pick up the notarised contract the next working day, please bring a self-addressed envelope with enough postage stamps for the embassy to mail the documents. You also can buy a registered stamp, which sends by registered airmail. 

5. After receiving AND making a copy of all pages of the notarised contract, the host family must upload the contract so that Au Pair Amsterdam can submit the finalised application to the IND. Au Pair Amsterdam will ask the au pair to sign a digital copy of the agreement for the IND application. 

6. The host family must send the original notarised contract directly to the au pair in the Philippines. We recommend doing this by express registered airmail to guarantee its arrival.

7. The au pair will receive the contract and sign it before a Philippine notary public. The au pair brings the notarized contract and his/her passport to the CFO to attend a CFS. After completion of the seminar, CFO affixes the CFS sticker to the au pair’s passport. The au pair shows his/her visa, authenticated contract and passport with CFS sticker to Philippine Bureau of Immigration authorities at the airport upon departure. 

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