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Rates of Au Pair Amsterdam

The cost of mediation, practical and social support of Au Pair Amsterdam depends on the needs of the host family.





Self-match Service (own candidate)*

If the host family found an au pair on their own, the agency will still provide the services mentioned above, excluding the candidate search.


Note: The Dutch law requires all au pairs in the Netherlands, including EU citizens, to register through an au pair agency that is recognized by the Dutch Immigration Service as an official sponsor. This is in the best interest of everyone involved, and it is the only legal way to participate in the au pair program.

EU Au Pair   € 750

Non-EU Au Pair.  € 1.650

Au Pair Filipino nationality   € 1.800


Re-match Service (relocation)

Registration cost au pair**   € 100

Registration cost host family**.  € 100

Placement cost EU au pair (per month).  € 45

Placement cost Non-EU au pair (per month)   € 120

Quick Service 

If you need an application to be submitted within less than 1 month from the first contact with us, your project may be subject to higher agency fees. In this case, please contact us to see if it is possible and for the rate.

*The amounts exclude the IND fee of (€ 380). For au pairs with an European nationality there will be no IND fees.

**Only applicable when the host family and or au pair is not registered with Au Pair Amsterdam

Other cost

Other costs which can be expected when participating in the au pair program:

  • Pocket money € 300 - € 340 per month

  • Au pair insurance € 340 € 550 per year

  • Call credits € 10 per month

  • Course € 380 per jaar

  • Public transport

  • Museumcard 

  • Contribution au pair events

  • Roundtrip

  • Board & Lodging

    Filipino nationality

  • legalisation costs € 27,50

  • Shippingcost € 60 - € 80

  • Miscellaneous expenses € 100

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